How to use Slack for project management

How to use Slack for project management

If you manage people or teams without a project management app, your life must be hectic and you might want to learn how to use Slack for project management. If you think a large number of people are able to work together effectively you might be wrong. Many project managers work remotely, and they are trying to keep in touch with their team via e-mail, without much success. For these managers, Slack is a software that is the answer to your question. Teams using Slack are more efficient and productive, than the ones that don't. Sometimes project managers don't have the resources, or they don't know how to use Slack for project management.

Why is Slack important for a project manager?

Slack is a team messaging application which is used as a project management tool also. Slack is one of the fastest-growing workplace software apps, since its launch in 2013. Slack has more than 2 million daily users, making it the best communication tool ever. Whether you are a company or a freelancer you will benefit from this great project management software. Slack goes beyond messaging or sharing recent updates within teams, it’s a perfect project management tool with many features. You will see that tasks and projects can be done, fast. Managers who use Slack are more successful in collaboration than their peers who don’t use Slack for project management. Slack is perfect for task management, and for project management also. It can help with just sharing ideas. As you will see there are different Slack channels, where all your colleagues can communicate well via instant messaging and live chat.  Slack makes it very easy to archive messages, add team members, share files, even choose new project managers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a team manager, or just working as a member of a group, this amazing project management software will keep you, and everyone else together, well informed, with all of the latest events crucial for your project. Slack is very easy to use a project management app, but you need to pay attention in order to keep the productivity high. As you start to use Slack, you’ll see that it’s a lot better than other project managing apps. In short, Slack is a great project management tool. Teams using Slack enjoy better communication, collaboration and these teams get results lot quicker. The work is finished faster, people and teams are happier, this is what all project managers may dream about at a company. Please, take your time to get to know the Slack app for work.

Let’s get started!

First of all, download the app from the website to your computer and set up the free version. It is all you need to get started. You can also download the mobile app, which makes it easier to stay connected with your team members. After you downloaded the free app, set up your team and workspace, add colleagues you are collaborating with on tasks and projects and the main channel you will be using.

Now you can start your own channel and thus create different channels and name them as you think you need for project management. Different chains or channels allow you to chat with several team members, about a special project where everyone is concerned about the topic, which increases productivity. Users can build communications channels by team, department, project, or any other factor. This way they can support each other.

Instead of having conversations with each of your team members, you can post a message in the public channel and everyone will receive the same notification. Slack also allows users private or direct messages, so if you have a specific question for one teammate, send them a direct message, they will get system notifications. Slack allows users to be more relaxed, and avoid being conventional. You don’t need to use a polite formal language in conversations and each comments that we often do in a work-related email. Slack also uses @ signs for mentions. This way your team member can get notifications, and you can even invite other users to the thread. Feel free to react to messages directly with emojis. It’s a good way to show your emotions for a project or an ongoing conversation on a Slack channel. In addition, if you sent a message and you notice a typo in it, you can edit your message later. You can upload files, up to 1 GB while using Slack and the app will ask you where you’d like to share it. If you are in the middle of a meeting you can snooze the notifications anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours. If you work on a project or a task in different time zones within Slack you can change your settings to determine when you are reachable. If you are using Slack on your mobile, notifications can get annoying after a while. You can send notes, or you can set reminders about important events, meetings, deadlines to yourself or other people you manage via Slackbot. You’ll get know Slackbot as a “friend”, this is a built-in self – service system, where you can seek answers to your questions.

Can you use Slack for project management?

One of the most rated features of this app is that you can use integrations within Slack. Slack allows you to add integrated tools and apps directly to your workspace as a support of your projects. If you are using Asana, Trello, Google Calendar or Zoom daily, this is going to save a huge amount of time. Integrations with Slack had never been easier. Integration of apps means you don’t have to come out of Slack to share any files. Make sure you don’t miss the Slack integrations this will make your life so much easier. Add the list of the apps you use for a project team management. There are now more than 2,000 integrations in Slack’s App Directory, covering a gamut of tools to stay productive, whether it be communications, email, or project management apps, like Trello or Asana, where you have list of the tasks that need to be done. One of the biggest advantage of Slack for project managers that is it’s transparency. You can see whether things are going in the right or the wrong direction in your teams and the channel. This transparency is a great bonus for the collaboration of teams.

Type the keywords into the Slack search bar, and you can search for files or even for a website and messages it’s easy to use. We do love Slack for project management, but the search bar desperately needs some modifications. With Slack things can get a bit more complicated, if you are desperate to find the right information. It’s a frustration that you can’t find what you are looking for during a project.

Level up your searching game!

An average user spends more than two and a half hours with searching for information. Haystack is a whole new level, when it comes to searching for resources. Imagine that you had a conversation with one of your team members. We often share many files, or an email address, or just simple notes with our team. You remember the context, something like “look this looks so good” but you have no idea about the file, the link or anything else. You don’t have time to scroll back in conversations, – or in channels and comments – you want to find what you are searching for easily. Haystack will make the life of Slack users easier! For example, if you frequently use a search in one channel, you can put that into your favorites, so you won’t forget it. You can tag the channels you are searching in Haystack, so you don’t have to waste more time with project research in the middle of the day. If you are deep in a project, it’s natural that you want stay focused, these tools are the best to help you not to jump between your searches and channels. Haystack is a management tool, which is able to increase your productivity in no time. You don’t want to bother with saving all your files and links to another place, like Google Drive or bookmark them each time. You can search in different tools at once, if you don’t remember something whether you shared information or a Google Drive document or a website or something important with the group. When you find it, you can share it easily, so tasks can be done right away. Imagine that you work on team, and someone new is about to join your team. You can manually create a folder with all the important links, tools and tasks the new person needs to know. And then, that’s it, you’re ready to share the Haystack folder on Slack. You’ll be able to search within a specific channel, not in everything. If that wouldn’t be enough, you can look for a specific shared content, or for context too as a plus. Haystack will help your team complete their task and project efficiently.

Slack, a place for ideas and fun!

Now, that we know so much about Slack itself, or how to create a Slack channel, whether our teams use Slack to work on projects or not, it’s a project manage app that allows us handle projects and tasks. In Slack project management channels you can create and name a new chain for news and updates, that are not strictly related to the company. Take a moment, and create a workspace where you can share files or messages like the best music playlist so far, or a website you found recently and you can even help your colleagues and teams with issues arising with their projects. Connect with your colleagues, send a file, share status record you may even send out last minute reminders. Complete your project on time and please your managers.

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Haystack syncs and organizes the photos, news, documents and other files and links from your applications to help you find what you’re looking for more easily.


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Search, organize and share all your documents, files, links, images and videos from different sources in one place.
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Search, organize and share all your documents, files, links, images and videos from different sources in one place.

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