Workona, Toby and Haystack comparison, 2023

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Workona, Toby and Haystack comparison, 2023

Workona, Toby and Haystack are all tools that help users supercharge their browsing experience and share many similar features. However, there are some key differences between the two tools, such as:


Toby is dedicated only to tab management while Workona and Haystack besides allowing you to save and organize your tabs, also aim to organize and search your browser history, plus your collaboration history by integrating with other cloud apps such as Google Drive and offering universal search. Universal search means that users can search not just their open tabs or their browsing history but documents and links that exist outside their browser in other apps such as Google Drive or Slack. This is defined by Haystack as “collaboration history”


Toby and Workona are both Chrome extensions only. Workona is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browser, while Toby is only compatible with Chrome and Firefox. Meanwhile, Haystack is a multi-platform web, desktop, and mobile (iOS, Android) application and a Chrome extension. In practice, it means that if you delete Toby or Workona from Chrome all your data is lost while in the case of Haystack things are stored safely in the cloud. It also means you can use Haystack from any device and search and access your browser’s history or saved resources from anywhere.


The Toby Chrome extension overtakes your new tab page and replaces it with its own. While both the Haystack and Workona Chrome extensions open up as a popup.


Both Toby and Workona has only basic search functionality. You can search for the title of the cloud document or page you are looking for. While Haystack has full-text document and link search allowing users to find anything in their saved resources, browsing history or collaboration history based on not only the title but also the content of the page or document. Haystack also searches in the message context a document or link was shared in e.g. the body of an email or a message in Slack. 


Haystack organizes data on two levels, teams and stacks. Workona and Toby organizes data on a single level called workspaces in Workona and called collections in Toby.


Both Haystack and Workona allows users to share lists (teams, workspaces) with other users, while Toby does not have this feature.


Toby defines itself as a tab manager. Workona’s motto is “work organizer for the browser” Haystack positions itself as a “cloud operating system”.


All tools come with a free and paid version.

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Haystack syncs and organizes the photos, news, documents and other files and links from your applications to help you find what you’re looking for more easily.




Search, organize and share all your documents, files, links, images and videos from different sources in one place.


Search, organize and share all your documents, files, links, images and videos from different sources in one place.

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