OMG! Where is that ?

Search your open tabs and browsing history or stacks your tabs away until you need them again instead of keeping hundreds of tabs open

Built to be your long term memory

See how Haystack Chrome Extension can help you locate your tabs and bookmarks faster


Search your open tabs, browsing history or bookmarks

Haystack instantly sorts through your tabs, history and bookmarks and matches your search with the most relevant results.


Stack all your tabs away until you need them again instead of keeping hundreds of tabs open

Haystack organizes your links into meaningful categories to help you locate whatever it is, faster.


Collect inspirations, reference materials, tools as part of your prep for a project

Easily locate your curated content then open your saved tabs individually or all at once

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Essential tools for organizations, teams, freelancers.


Search and browse conversations, messages, files and links



Search and browse channels, conversations, messages, files, links, code snippets

Google drive

Search and browse your folders, docs, sheets, slides, forms and more


Use cases

See how Haystack can help organizations, teams, families and friends.

Filter for a spreadsheet in a Slack channel instead of scrolling for ages to find it

See what news articles and blogs your colleagues shared across multiple Slack channels throughout the day

Locate a link from your colleague you can’t recall whether was sent to you in Slack or Gmail

Quickly find and print a PDF in a Gmail that was sent to you many months ago

Collect design ideas from pinterest in the same folder where you store your sketch files

Start the day with the same set of tabs you were using yesterday

Collect Slack conversations, Gmail threads and GDrive folders associated with the same project

Search for a document based on author when you are not sure which folder it was saved to

Browse old photos you and your family members shared with each other in Gmail

Find the link to a movie your friend recommended to you a while back

Get instant update on the newest documents created in GDrive

Stop browsing your chrome folders just search for the link you are looking for

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do you waste looking for files, images, links etc. that people send you? You might remember the file name but not who sent it. Or you might remember who sent it but not where. People use Haystack to perform quick and powerful cross-searches through their integrated platforms. Haystack can also automatically bookmark both links and files friends or colleagues save or share with each other on various platforms and find what they are looking for more easily and quickly in one place. Haystack has a super clean and simple user interface alongside powerful features. Haystack is suitable for students, busy freelancers or work-teams, small and medium sized companies and any individual or group who would like to spend less time searching for photos, documents, news or other files and links they already have.

We use a multitude of applications for both work and personal reasons and the information we save, share or is shared with us is spread across email, messaging, file sharing, productivity and other tools. In this overloaded world it is easy to feel overwhelmed or not even know where to begin when you want to find something. That’s where Haystack steps in – helping people take control and locate what they are looking for. 

With Haystack you can quickly and easily find the photos, documents, news and other files and links from all of your applications based on people, conversations, topics, message context or whatever you can recall more easily in the moment

Haystack allows you to share the link of all the photos, documents, news and other files and links that are synced, making it very convenient to share your content between conversations within a single application or between multiple applications. You don’t have to download or upload anything ever again. It’s just going to make your life so much easier.

Haystack currently integrates with Slack and Gmail. Additional integrations such as Google Drive, Messenger, Trello and many other tools you love will be available soon.

Haystack is free for the first 30 days. 

Simply click here to request any features. It will feed into our product backlog which is refined by our product and research team based on usage analytics, user interviews, usability tests and feedback such as yours. 

Haystack doesn’t read, use or sell your data and all of the data from your accounts is securely stored on our hosted server and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. Our host – Google – one of the world’s largest hosting services, trusted by numerous corporations. All data transport from the client to the server is encrypted.

Make your life easier

Unlimited integrations. Free for 30 days. No credit card required.

Beta Access

We send out a limited number of invitations, based on several criteria. If you would like to sign up to indicate your interest for Haystack beta, please provide your email address.