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Getting started: Integrations

You can use Haystack to connect your workplace tools with a few clicks and save everything said, shared or viewed across your company’s Slack, Gmail, Drive accounts or Chrome. You can search your workplace tools simultaneously from any device. Your search results will be enhanced with your past searches and

Trello vs Slack – Ultimate Comparison 2023

Trello and Slack are both used as project or workflow management tools, but they don’t serve the same functions. These softwares beacame extremely popular worldwide, especially during the last few months. Office has no longer been the only workplace since many people are considering working from home. More and more companies apply home office. The usage of these two apps are spreading out among small and multinational companies. Both of them are easy to use and make communication easier for team members. They contribute to effective communication and work. While both tools are considered as project management software, they are not the same. Their aim is to support the users in their daily business. Trello vs Slack, which collaboration tool do you prefer? Let’s check them out.

file management

How to quickly access your files in Google Drive workspace using Haystack?

In the last years as freelancing and remote work became more and more popular, new team collaboration tools are thriving on the market and your business may already use it. Productivity, sharing ideas and team communication are 3 major factors that businesses have to put their focus on and think about it. As COVID -19 brought many changes within (business) life, collaboration and chat tools became more important to use. Many collaboration apps got even popular in 2020: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Trello, Asana, etc. Nobody wants to spend more time with a long business email, they want to read a quick chat message which includes all the necessary pieces of information. Picking the right tool for our team, keep the productivity high, in these uncertain times is understandable.

Slack reviews – Pros and cons

In this article, we will talk about Slack reviews to help you to make the most out of this awesome tool. The last couple of months (let’s say half-year) has changed the life of many across the globe, don’t you think? Most of us, in business life, is looking for an application to communicate our daily tasks effectively. Slack is the best work collaboration tool, which is built for making business life easier.

Slack search – Find your files, links and mentions immediately

If you are a daily Slack user sometimes you might feel like Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass when you’re looking for a clue with no luck whatsoever. No one really has time to dig into conversations, messages files and threads or complete Slack search in channel for an important bit of information they are looking for. Slack for teams, as you can find out from many article and press releases whether it is used on a desktop or through the app on a mobile, it has several good features.

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