Getting started with Haystack teams

Getting started: Integrations

You can use Haystack to connect your workplace tools with a few clicks and save everything said, shared or viewed across your company’s Slack, Gmail, Drive accounts or Chrome. You can search your workplace tools simultaneously from any device. Your search results will be enhanced with your past searches and

Getting started with Haystack teams

Getting started: Teams

The basic building blocks in Haystak are teams which are designated spaces for saving and categorizing information related to your company, client or school.   A

Our founding story

A few years back we were brainstorming with some friends and colleagues about current challenges related to our work routines and how we could fix

How do people recall information

People are more likely to remember clues that are meaningful, relevant, or have emotional significance to them. Here are a few examples of clues that

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We send out a limited number of invitations, based on several criteria. If you would like to sign up to indicate your interest for Haystack beta, please provide your email address.