About us

What we do

Are you also struggling to find documents across multiple accounts, tools and apps? Do you waste too much time hunting for a file or shared links whereabouts? This is one of the most challenging problem we all face every day/in modern life and work.

We spend at least 1 hour a day searching for docs, conversations or information in the apps we use. This means that 5 hours per week, 2 working days per month, 24 working days per year are wasted searching for information.

We could be using this precious time to do the work that matters. Having a long list of tasks or multiple clients only makes efficiently managing your workflow even more necessary!

Suffering through this issue every single day inspired our ambitious team to create Haystack – a smart search engine tool to find the documents you need instantly across apps, tools and accounts. Search, organize and share all your files in one place. Save time and stress whether working, studying or just browsing.

How does Haystack work?
  • Connect with all your online tools, apps and accounts you use.
  • Search for a document by file name, meta or based on your client’s name or its message context.
  • Organize your documents, links, files associated with a project.
  • Share files with your clients and colleagues in just in a few seconds.
All your data at your fingertips
  • No more time wasted on switching between apps.
  • No more scrolling through a mountain of messages in a channel or email thread to find what you need.
  • No more embarrassing questions about information you can’t find.
  • No more stress and anxiety.
  • Haystack is fast, safe and secure.

Our values

From day one, Haystack has embraced a remote and flexible working environment. Everyone at Haystack is empowered to plan their time and productivity as they wish. 

We are obsessed over the experience of our customers. We prioritise security and privacy of your data. And we spend more resources on research than development. We make bold but informed decisions and move fast.

We build trust in our team with transparency and inclusiveness of different lifestyles, approaches and ideas.

The team

Haystack is based in the sports super-city of Boston and the historic central-European capital of Budapest.

Haystack is currently a team of 15 and growing. We’re a diverse group of people interested in computing, design, art, artificial intelligence, gaming and snowboarding.